On the outside, everything is fragmented into opposites …

…above and below, male and female, day and night, good and bad, and so forth. This duality is not reality because beyond the fragmentary appearances that a dual mind perceives, conditioned by the senses, there is the ultimate oneness of all that exists.

Duality allows the understanding of the universe for survival matters. Wholeness is the existence. Who does not want to anchor their gear to the original intelligence?

Only those who are one with creation eliminate all conflict. Without conflict, your energy remains in the original state. A mind in its original state can see things as they are. An alert mind is the mind of the creator.

Act & Rest (7)
Create & Destroy (12)
Include & Exclude (3)
Know & Ignore (4)
Know yourself (6)
Learn & Teach (23)
Listen & Speak (3)
Now, Absolute, Wholeness (5)
Relate & Isolate (1)
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